Air Shuttles

DURA-SLIDE MM and JJ Series of Linear Shuttle Devices is another R&I development made to answer the automation industry’s requirement for a standard stroked slide to meet special applications. Both series offer a compact size and the quality construction and durability you’ve come to expect.


DURA-SLIDE MM and JJ Series were developed as isolation shuttles, typically found at the end of a parts feeder track for mounting tooling nests. However the shuttling devices can be used for any situation were accurate shuttling between 2 or 3 positions is required. Both the MM and JJ series have fixed internal stops to provide accurate strokes and to assure complete interchangeability for field replacement. Furthermore both the MM and JJ shuttles are fully field serviceable with our repair kits. Standard strokes are listed on the following pages and other strokes, in this range, are available at no extra cost and no extra delivery time.

The sliding tables are supported by Oilite bushings running on hardened shafting and utilize Buna-N cup seals.


DURA-THRUST MM and JJ Series units can be mounted and located in any plane with provided mounting holes and dowel pin holes. The sliding table also has tapped and dowel holes for easy adaptations to additional work moving/holding devices or customer tooling.

Both series offer a compact alternative to standard linear slides or linear thruster and are perfect for accurately shuttling or positioning of tooling.



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