Rotary Actuators

DURA-TAC JG-1000 is an economic rotary actuator with rotary motion achieved by two pistons driving a series of hardened 1/2" diameter steel balls against a dowel pin located in the output flange. This gives a back-lash free, air spring-loaded power train. Air pressure and/or flow controls are used to obtain a smooth transfer; as well as giving overload protection to your tooling.


Stroke adjustment on DURA-TAC is obtained by machining the pistons to length. One degree of rotary motion is controlled by removing 0.0042" [0.107mm] from each piston to keep the rotary motion centered.


DURA-TAC JG-1000 features a tool mounting output flange. This flange has a pilot diameter, mounting screw holes and a dowel pin for location. The steel output flange and its supporting shaft are one piece. The shaft is fully supported by a full length steel sleeve.


Holes for mounting or for auxiliary tool mounting are provided on four sides of the body. DURA-TAC can be mounted and operated in any position.

The simplicity of the JG-1000 offers an economical yet durable approach to automatic work rotation. Perfect for rotary escapement, rotary transfer or orientation of tooling and work pieces.

DURA-TAC JG-1000 Specifications
  • Body: anodized high-strength aluminum
  • Output flange: steel
  • Output rotation: 0 to 180 adjustable
  • Stroke adjustment: one degree = 0.0084" of piston motion
  • Piston diameter: "
  • Maximum air pressure: 80 psi, 100 psi with flow controls
  • Weight: 1 lb., 5 oz
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