Parallel Grippers
JF Series

JF-20 Linear Gripping Device is designed to permit gripping of large parts. The device can be used as part of a transfer mechanism or utilized at an assembly station to hold a work piece in place. Parts can be gripped internally or externally and the end blocks provide the tool engineer with several options for mounting the gripping fingers. The air operated unit is compact with operation controlled through a four- way air valve.


          The center or main block provides the fixed support with mounting holes provided on the top and both sides of the block. The unit can be mounted in any plane. Both end blocks are machined on three sides to accept tooling with each block pinned to one of the ground steel rods. Slide rods are parallel to the mounting surface within .002" per foot. They are mounted on oil impregnated bronze bushings. Bushings are utilized rather than linear ball bearings because bushings distribute the load over a larger surface area resulting in less wear on the slide rods. JF-20 has been tested under actual operating conditions with up to 160 million inches accumulated travel with negligible wear. Stroke adjustment screws are included for separate adjustment of fingers in closed and open positions.

*Other strokes available on special order

Standard stroke 1 3/4" (7/8" each side)*
Rod diameter 1/2"
Rod material case-hardened ground steel
Block material 2024 anodized aluminum (black)
Air requirement

100 psig max.

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